Artist Residency

Wim Wauman: Blauwhaus (Fata Morgana), 2019

Blauwendael castle, Waasmunster (BE)

From April 28th until the 26th of May 2019, the Blauwhaus occupied the exhibition space on the first floor of a little castle in Waasmunster. Visual artist, researcher and self-acclaimed writer Wim Wauman set up an experimental laboratory and workspace conceived to inspire a bunch of fellow artists and makers, writers and thinkers. During the course of four weeks the guests collaborated, intervened and created new work for the project. Some spent quite some time on location, others passed by once or twice and subsequently produced new works at their own studios or formulated propositions which remain, even today, unrealized. The Blauwhaus is ambitious but has no fixed outcome in mind, it is organic and it flows and fingers crossed it will forever be.