19/5/17 - Another day at the residence

As time flows by

Adam de eerste

Matthias de tweede

Wuffa and a Rhizome

White and Green

All I desire


Messages on a sweatshirt:

  • …Move

  • …When I get rich I’ll be Popular, Wasted, the Best.

Christina in the church

And phonecalls

Numerous messages of Hermes

LoplopPopol LoploplopPopopol #LoplopPopol

Max and Leonora are two knights, fighting the circumstances under which they temporarily inhabit a Garden of Eden. “Look up to this tree, there are rooms”, Christina said. ”In which room do I belong?”, Red Peter answered in his report to the academy, he turned his head and moved on to fulfill his destiny.

The builder of the pyramid died. There was a serious accident (again) on the highway to heaven. The rooftop of the house of the heart is a pyramid too. Adam and Matthias are sleeping there. I have some time at the Belgian Red House, although it is late. Where is the Blue House? Just outside within walking distance?

Alice, have you been watching me? White and green. Not silver.

This interview with a winged Siren

Miiglior fabra

There is a tree and there were once fish. Dolphins maybe, no sharks. Brown equals blue. A Tree of Heaven with a borrowed blue ladder. A work to be completed.

I know a trick for the abbey and a Dolorosa which seems unreachable for now.

Dilemma of endeavor vs. demand.

What does it take, how long, which path to follow?

As above, so bellow. Let it be.