19/5/29 - Valuable lessons

Today the Blauwhaus residence and exhibition will be dismantled. All works, tables, chairs, objects, books and tools will be transported to an unknown location by my colleagues as I am currently tied to a wheelchair. These items are heavy and fragile.

I’ve already climbed up and down the stairs on my knees twice. Once with a bottle of water, a booklet and my iPad, a second time with a big role of plastic bubble foil to prevent more damage later today. I’ll try to supervise and keep track of all my belongings and the works of others whom I haven’t seen since Sunday.

My knees are bruised from climbing up the stairs, all muscles hurt from jumping around like a kangaroo on but one one leg while trying to stay balanced. The world is out of my hands and the chaos is omnipresent, I cannot reach doctors to get my paperwork for the insurance in order, cannot grasp whatever I think I need. The world can be a scary place for those in need of assistance. Like my father.

The Blauwhaus ‘notebook’ should to go into print next week but I’m unable to write and edit all ‘Blue Cloud’ has written, as I’m stuck with all the loose ends in both of my hands. The lottery tickets provided me with a profit of 9.5 €. Scratching the rest will be for something for tomorrow. We still haven’t found the ‘winner’ of my Fata Morgana. Participant #59.

I look forward to hear the Blauwhaus bell today as the local fire department has been able to attach the rope which was painted blue by Kelly Schacht.