19/5/30 - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest

My old ‘friend’ Bill Callahan is about to release a new album. The cover of the album depicts Bill with a sun-moon ‘third eye’ and has a winged merman holding on to a rock reaching for the clouds. The sun is represented by a strange tree. He sings about Wonder, Evy’s “black dog on the beach”, Young Icarus “he flew and flew and flew - Over the Maze he was born into”, and I hear him sing and play…

Like two wrestlers
I am mostly still
As the Four Horsemen
Come over the hill
Trying to pass themselves off as the Holy Trinity
But any fool can see
Oh, any fool can see

Everything is corrupt
From the shoes on our feet
To the way we get fucked

Oh, I know that we are free
Don't tell me again that we are free
Tell me, when will we be released?

He wrote these words in Austin, Texas (US). They reached me today. They sound familiar.